OpenCms Module-Manager

This script is aimed at developing modules for OpenCms, importing them to your java-project, editing them in your IDE and exporting them back to the VFS of OpenCms.

I extendend the "OpenCms ANT Build" with a little AntForm and the possibility to deploy modules via scp and sshexec. Download and unzip this file and import it to eclipse or
goto scripts/ and execute "ant -lib ../lib/build/" to run the gui. You'll have to adjust the values in the property-files to make it work.
The GUI will add all folders  from the folder "modules". So to add e.g. the event-module of the demo, add a folder "com.alkacon.opencms.v8.event" to the modules-folder and then you can start the GUI, select the module and import it to your project, alter it and export it back to the vfs.
To deploy via ssh, I use a keyfile. If you want to use a password instead, you'll have to change the properties in the <sshexec ...> and <scp ---> nodes. In future releases this may happen automatically by checking which property is set, but hey you shouldn't use ssh with password anyway.
There is a scripts/file developers-modulebuild.txt, which probably needs some updating, but still should explain a lot.

Have a look at my efc-cmis-plugin for eclipse which can be used in conjunction with this script.

Write a comment if you're facing any problems. I'd also appreciate it, if you leave a note in case you like this.

I'm available for hire as a freelancer (Freiberufler) mainly for Magnolia (CMS) and OpenCms projects as well as many other JAVA-related tasks.