OpenCms CMIS-EFS-Eclipse-Plugin

This plugin is discontinued. 

I wrote a little plugin to mount a cmis-folder as an efs-folder (Eclipse file system) in eclipse. Well to be honest I just modified the one which you can find here, so most of the work was already done for me.
You can install the plugin by adding the following update-site:
The sourcode can be found here.

To mount a folder you have to right-click on the root-node(!) of your project and select New -> New CMIS Linked Resource. And enter the parameters which I explain below.

You need support from a freelancer (Freiberufler) in a Magnolia (CMS) or OpenCms project? Please refer to the footer as how to contact me.

Resource Name

This is the folder where the resource will be mapped to in your workspace. It should not yet exist, but it's parents should. When you want to map to the folder /cmis/modules/, the folder /cmis/ should already exist, the folder /cmis/folder/ shouldn't. The resources will viewed as a folder in your workspace, but they will not be phisically saved there, exept you configure a backup-folder as shown below. If you use a versioning tool, add an "ignore" to this folder. GIT freaks out if I don't.

URL to CMIS Services

This should point to the servlet of the cmis-service. On an unaltered, local installation this is http://localhost:8080/opencms/services.


Default in OpenCms is "Admin", adjust if necessary.


The default of OpenCms "admin" is already set, adjust if necessary.

Pass to folder (CMIS)

This is the CMIS-folder which is mounted to folder entered in "Resource Name". I usually map the complete /system/modules/ folder and afterwards set a resource filter in the workspace (right-click on the folder -> properties -> Resource -> Resource Filter) which matches my modules. You can also mount a content-folder like /sites/yoursite/.

Backup to folder

This is the folder, the contents of the mapped folder you will see in "Resource Name" will be backed up or copied to. So if you change a resource in "Resource Name", it will not only be changed in the VFS of OpenCms, but also a copy will be saved in this folder. I use this for versioning. Leave empty if you don't want a copy of the CMIS.

Add vfscontent to path

I like to use a modified version of OpenCms ANT Build that you can find here to deploy my modules via remote ssh to a live server. Check this box to follow the filepath convention used by OpenCms ANT Build, to save the backup, e.g. the JSP from CMIS-folder


will be saved in the workspace as
instead of  

This way I can use both modules together.