This page is not working currently and also not so relevant anymore. I will post the Script I used here when I find time.
For now have a look at Cloning a module which exists since OpenCms 9.0.1.

With this generator you can create your own templates for development based on the demo-templates. For that all paths  and class-paths are being adjusted and new UUIDs are created. Therefore the new templates can easily be installed within the same system as the original ones. The resulting zip must be unpacked and so tha you can import the containing modules to OpenCms. Doing that you must consider the modules depencies. Keep in mind that you must also register the new demo-site in your opencms-system.xml.
If you like this generator or have any questions, please leave a comment. 

Should the link of the collectors not work correctly (they point to the folder /.content/...), rename the folder of the resourcetype in the ".config"-file of the module, e.g. use an underscore as prefix. Then you should also rename the corresponding folder in /sites/yourSite/.content/. I haven't found out yet why this happens, maybe sobody has?

Please leave a comment if you like this generator or when you were facing any problems.

Even though my focus has shifted from OpenCms to Magnolia (CMS), you can book me as a freelancer not only for Magnolia (CMS), but also for OpenCms. Migrating from OpenCms to Magnolia (CMS) would be a perfect fit.

The schema-files contain definitions like:
<xsd:complexType name="OpenCmsV8Articles">
"V8" will be replaced by this parameter.

Name of the author which will be shown in the module.

The author's email-address. The link for the download of the module will be send to this address.

The path of the demo-site, as it will show up in the workspace under "Site". "default" in /sites/default/ will be replaced by this parameter.

The modules manifest contain the parameters "id" and "order". THe parameter you enter will simply be put in front of the existing ids to get unique values. Choose a not too big number.

This path occurs in several places. As classpath in JSPs as well as in file-paths "com.alkacon.opencms.v8" will be replaced by this parameter. That means the neu parameter must consist of four parts seperated by a ".". Otherwhise a faulty module will be generated.

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